School of Law


School of Law (SOL) has a strong body of faculty who have obtained degrees from universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale and Stanford. Their collective expertise ranges from commercial law and international trade law to constitutional law and criminal law.

SOL has expanded its programmes beyond the LLB to include the JD and the LLM, and its Continuing Legal Education programme offers courses for professional development.

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法学院拥有一个集合了剑桥、牛津、哈佛、耶鲁、斯坦福等全球知名学府的专家团队为我们学生授课,他们资历深厚,专业领域横跨商业法、国际贸易法、宪法以及刑法等。法学院目前除了专注法学学士学位外,同时扩展了法学硕士学位以及法学博士学位,并为继续法律教育培训项目发展提供了专业课程。 更多信息,请浏览 法学院


Last updated on 13 Oct 2015 .