School of Information Systems

SISSchool of Information Systems (SIS) is recognised internationally for its innovative research and education focused on Information Systems Technology, Information Systems Management, as well as problems and issues at the intersection of IS related technology and management. SIS is eligible for Singapore government funding schemes targeted for Science & Technology based university programmes.

SIS is the home of the Living Analytics Research Centre, Livelabs, the Urban Management & Analytics lab, and a number of other well-funded R&D initiatives.

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信息系统学院主要专注于信息系统技术、信息系统管理,以及其相关领域的创新研究。学院享有新加坡政府资助计划,主要针对科技为主的大学课程和研究项目。学院拥有生活数据分析研究中心,都市生活型态实验室,城市管理与分析实验室,以及数据分析、决策分析、智能决策支持系统、移动应用、信息安全、信息系统经济等研发项目。 更多资料,请浏览 信息系统学院


Last updated on 13 Oct 2015 .