Global CFO Forum 2015 - Launch of the Tsinghua-SMU Masters of Science CFO Leadership dual degree programme

Launch of the Tsinghua-SMU Masters of Science CFO Leadership dual degree programme

Tsinghua_SEM_20150125On 25 January 2015, Tsinghua University and SMU jointly launched a new postgraduate programme – the Tsinghua-SMU MCFO dual degree programme. Tsinghua University’s Dean of School of Economics and Management (SEM) Professor Qian Yingyi, SEM Associate Dean Professor Li Jinliang, SMU Dean of School of Accountancy (SOA) Professor Pang Yang Hoong, and SOA Associate Dean Cheng Qiang had a partnership discussion meeting in conjunction with the one-day Global CFO Forum jointly organised by the two universities. Professor Qian, Professor Pang, Secretary-General of the China Association of Chief Financial Officers Gao Xing Guo and 10 other distinguished CFOs spoke at the event that was attended by nearly 400 participants from the industry.

Professor Qian pointed out that with China becoming a global player, the country’s accounting standards will need to converge with international standards. This requires the strengthening of China’s accounting sector, as well as the nurturing of talents with a global view. SMU’s Professor Pang highlighted that the scope of responsibilities of the CFO has grown; companies can meet their corporate objectives only with reform in the finance departments, and she urged CFOs to enhance their knowledge and skills. Professor Qian and Professor Pang commented that the Tsinghua-SMU MCFO dual degree programme is specially designed to cover areas such as financial management, strategic analyses and other core competencies that are required for CFOs to succeed in today’s modern organisation, focusing on breaking down traditional financial accounting barriers, developing future CFO leaders who are strategic and possess deep and broad knowledge in business and finance, as well as a global perspective.

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