When: Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Venue: Function room 6.1 Level 6 , SMU Administration Building, 81 Victoria Street
Fee(s): Free

About SMU China Forum

The SMU China Forum is a high-level dialogue platform for the academia and business communities of Singapore and China to share useful insights and experiences, as well as to exchange views and feedback on issues that are of significance or impact to China and Singapore in their respective economic and social developments. The inaugural SMU China Forum was successfully held in Nov 2013 and subsequent editions of this annual series also enjoyed the strong support of prominent scholars/experts, senior officials and industry captains from both countries.   

The Forum is aimed at elevating SMU’s profile as a specialised, rising research university of relevance to China and at growing positive mindshare with leading Chinese universities which are SMU’s valued partners, business leaders as well as policy-makers interested in Sino-Singapore relations and contemporary China affairs.  The curation of the Forum is based on SMU’s academic strengths and its five (5) areas of research excellence, namely Finance and Financial Markets; Analytics for Business, Consumer and Social Insights; Economics of Ageing and Healthcare Management; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Urban Management and Sustainability.


新大中国论坛是为新加坡和中国学术和商业界人士建立的一个高级别对话平台,旨在让两地的专家学者和企业高管,对新加坡与中国双边交流的情况,以及两国在经济和社会发展方面一些具指标性或产生重大影响的课题进行分析并交换看法。首届的新大中国论坛于2013年11月圆满举行, 而之后数届的这项年度活动也持续获得两国杰出学者、商界领袖与政府高官的鼎力支持。  




About SMU China Forum’s theme

The Next Phase of the Belt and Road Initiative: Globalisation with Chinese Characteristics? 

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a multifaceted economic, diplomatic and geopolitical undertaking by China aimed at building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa through the overland Silk Road Economic Belt and the oceanic 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Having gained the support of over 100 countries and international organisations and with more than 40 cooperation agreements signed to date, the BRI can be regarded as a symbol of the rise of China-based globalisation. Framed in terms of “peace and co-operation”, “openness and inclusiveness”, “mutual learning and benefit”, many governments of partner countries view this ambitious project underpinned by a China-led strategy as a significant catalyst for regional economic expansion and prosperity. Will the BRI spur greater global integration and shape a new international order?  Three distinguished scholars from SMU, Renmin University of China and Fudan University, as well as a prominent business leader from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), will share their expert views and unique insights on the issue at this Forum.   


下一阶段的一带一路倡议: 具有中国特色的全球化进程?



About The Panel Discussion Topic

 “Connectivity and Cooperation within the BRI Framework: How Singapore and China can benefit together?"

The “One Belt One Road” Initiative proposed by China aims to provide an important opportunity for more than 60 connected countries to deepen cooperation and strengthen economic and trade exchanges. Under this framework, China and Singapore are focusing on the Chongqing Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity to jointly promote multidimensional and multilevel connectivity and development in four areas: finance, aviation, transport logistics and information technology. How should Singapore, which is the main country along the “Maritime Silk Road”, make use of its unique advantage as the hub of Asia Pacific finance, trade and shipping to contribute to and benefit from “One Belt One Road”? As the second largest economy in the world, how can China tap on Singapore’s influence in the region to explore the immense potential and opportunity of “One Belt One Road” and reshape the global economic landscape? With experiences and perspectives in various fields of expertise, the guests participating in this panel discussion will express their views and share their ideas.


一带一路”倡议框架下的互联互通与合作: 新中如何互利共赢?

由中国提出的“一带一路”倡议,旨在为其所连接的60多个国家提供深化合作、加强经贸往来的重要机遇。在此框架下,新中两国以落户于重庆的战略性互联互通示范项目为着力点,从金融、航空、交通物流和信息科技四大领域,共同促进两国多方位、多层次的联通与发展。作为“海上丝绸之路” 沿线主要国家的新加坡,应如何利用其亚太金融、贸易、航运枢纽的独特优势,为“一带一路”贡献力量和从中受益?而全球第二大经济体的中国,又如何借助新加坡在本区域的影响力,通过发掘 “一带一路”的巨大潜力和契机来重塑全球经济格局? 参与本次圆桌讨论会的嘉宾,将凭借他们在所属专业领域的经验和角度,发表看法并分享经验。


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